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Why learn Motion Graphics and After Effects from Us?

We are passionate about what we do and we are committed to your sucesss. Our Award winning industry-trained instructor, Dean Velez, brings his 20 plus years of Motion Graphics and Post Production experience to the classroom to guide you on your After Effects training journey.

We create a learning environment that fosters a deep understanding of the software needed to create stunning video projects. Need to know Photoshop? Illustrator? Premiere Pro? Poser? Cinema 4D?...Look no further, you've come to the right place.

What We Offer

We are a multifaceted company offering both production and training services:

The ANVEL’s Training Programs focus on real-world education in Motion Graphics Design and Creative Post Production. We offer on-site workshops and classes, off-site custom training, and personalized curriculum and project building for companies and individuals.

The ANVEL’s Motion Design Studio specializes in producing a wide range of projects including advertisements, promotions, tutorials, and shorts for clients such CNN, Adobe, Cartoon Network, The HUB, McKesson, Verizon, and many others.

Our Training Goal

Our goal is to provide an efficient and effective hands-on training experience for the novice and pro user. We strive to demystify both the technical aspect of the software and the production process of Motion Graphics, Post Production, Compositing and Visual Effects.

Our instructors will lessen the intimidation factor of programs like After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Poser and Cinema 4D by guiding you through the essential concepts using real world techniques and examples.

What is Adobe After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is a digital motion graphics and compositing software. When it started, its main purpose was for film and video post-production but today its purpose is so much broader. From websites to kiosks, presentations to commercials, independent films to events, the applications are endless. With Adobe After Effects it’s possible to create great looking video with a professional “Hollywood Style”.

What Types of Training Do We Offer?

If you’re looking for Motion Graphics and Creative Post Production training you’ve come to the right place! We offer a variety of training options all centered around the real-world techniques that will allow you to create engaging media. Whether it’s for Film, Video, or the Web, our goal is to strengthen your skills so that you can bring your ideas and the ideas of your clients to life.

We offer on-site training, off-site custom training, and personalized curriculum and project building for companies and individuals. Whether you are a novice or a pro-user, there is something for everyone here at The ANVEL. Please visit our Training Page for more information!

Instructor: Dean Velez

Emmy and Promax award-winning motion graphics designer with over two decades' worth of experience.

Certified After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere Pro Expert Instructor.

Client list includes: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, Cartoon Network, The Hub Network, Adobe, McKesson, GenArts, Verizon, AT&T, Geico, Craftsman and many others.

Real World Motion Graphics and Post Production Training in Atlanta

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